Shawn has over thirty years of experience in the food service industry.   Wesley worked in food service throughout high school and college and continued to help Shawn in the restaurants as needed.  Over the past 27 years of their relationship, they have worked closely together not just in the restaurants but also their community and through their non-profit. 

In addition to camping, they both enjoy antique shopping, gardening, traveling, and cooking.  Wesley also loves to scuba dive, Harry Potter, reading, and Legos.  Shawn enjoys music, leatherwork, and mixology.   They have two cats, several chickens, and two apiaries.

Great coffee serves as a social lubricant, bringing people together for great conversations and simply to enjoy each other’s company.  Clearly, lubricant, great conversations, and enjoyment are all things we know a lot about at Hillside.  

To ensure we can deliver a coffee worthy of you, we will be sourcing our whole coffee beans from one of the oldest coffee roasters in PA, The Gerhart Coffee Company, located in Lancaster for us to grind just in time for each freshly brewed pot. 

This is just one instance of our ongoing commitment to guarantee premium food choices and outstanding service.